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Effortless Planning & Scheduling Of Medical Representatives

Plan your tour smartly with MR reporting software. Create, modify, send, approve and disapprove tour plans and deviations of the medical representatives team on the go with pharma reporting software. Add visits to doctors, modify the changed location of doctors, give commands to the medical field force in real time & more.

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Quick & Easy MR Reporting with 100% Accuracy

Save time in preparing and submitting medical representative reports with pharma reporting software. All types of reports required to pharmaceutical admins can be generated automatically including expense reports, call report, doctor coverage report, attendance report, employee productivity report, start & end time work report, daily activity report of medical representative and more with the help of MR reporting software. Pharma sales force automation software makes it easy for the salesforce administrators to get all the reports in real time.

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Secure & Easy Monitoring

Monitor, track, manage, and improve pharma sales force efficiency with pharma reporting software. Know the location of your medical representatives in real time and optimize their deployment. MR Reporting Software with its unique geo-tagging facility allows support teams to monitor the work of medical representatives throughout the day thereby increasing transparency & accountability and decreasing false reporting & fuel expenditure. Pharma sales force automation software also shows the GPS location of the doctors and making it easier for MR to visit the doctors.

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Smart Analytics

Analyze the productivity of employees without needing an expert for data interpretation for research purposes and make effective decisions with pharma reporting software. MR reporting software quantifies performance of medical representative teams through powerful analytics provided by Cuztomise’s sales force automation software. Pharma SFA software helps in the analysis of data gathered by the mr reporting application smartly. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft Power BI, Jaspersoft and SAP.

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MR Reporting Software Features List

MR Reporting Software Features List

Tour Planning

Plan monthly and daily activities follow-ups with pharma sales force automation software. Cut down the hours of work in creating and sending tour plans to medical representatives. Do it on the go in a few clicks with pharma SFA software.

Pre-Call Planning

Planning a day work and a month work of medical representatives are undoubtedly the most critical aspect of pharmaceutical sales management. Quickly brush up before entering a client call with MR reporting software so that you are much more prepared and ready to make a sale.

Post Call Analysis

Make notes, punch in important data that goes directly in your daily work report with pharma sales force automation software. Do not spend an additional minute preparing daily call reports of medical representatives with pharma reporting software.


Find out deviations, reasons for skipping doctor visits and verify if medical representatives regularly visit stockists. Pharma SFA software includes a full featured human resource management system for managing your pharma sales teams. Complete DIY system, configure it according to the leave policy of your organisation.

Client Data Management

MR reporting software makes sure that a comprehensive database of doctors is built up over a time which helps you effectively plan future schedules/targets. This data can be shared with medical representatives to improve conversion rates. With pharma sales force automation software you can add, edit and remove client’s databases easily.

Expense Management

Filing and approving field expenses is one of the most time consuming and critical tasks in pharmaceutical sales which usually cause a lot of delays and panic in MR reporting. With pharma SFA software, remove all the disarray with simple to use expense filing and approval mechanisms.


Keep official communication between the medical representatives and the pharma sales manager always recorded and monitored with pharma SFA software. With an inbuilt messaging system, Cuztomise allows users to stay ahead of the competition with better collaboration on field.

On-Field Learning

Utilize the waiting time of field professionals in building their knowledge and awareness about the products and training them on-the-go with pharma reporting software. MR reporting software lets you stay connected with your pharma sales teams.


Allows mapping of doctors with products for focused marketing. Create and track marketing & sales campaigns of pharmaceutical enterprises with pharma sales force automation software. Keep updated and get ahead of your competitors by aligning the market and sales goals.

Employee Management

Manage data of your medical representatives, their prior experience, their background with a detailed pharma employee management system. Transfer employees in different departments with pharma reporting software.

Reports & Analytics

Pharma SFA software provides a wide variety of MR reports for pharma sales admins to analyse the data collected by the system. Easily profile, target, measure and improve the performance of medical representatives with MR reporting software.


MR reporting software helps you to prepare and give wonderful presentations to the clients in a few clicks. Track and analyse the client interactions with deep analytics attached.

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